Curriculum for Clintondale Alternative Education

The curriculum provided by Clintondale Community Schools for our Alternative programs has been aligned with the state academic standards. The Michigan Merit Curriculum is the framework used for designing instructional activities, lessons, assessments, and additional knowledge valued by our community. The curriculum provides a platform for state assessments, which are used to measure how well schools are providing academic practices.


The most effective and well-researched instructional principles are incorporated into our curriculum to provide an engaging and personalized learning environment for students. The lessons within the courses share the following characteristics of research-based best practices and standards-based instruction:

  • Learning outcomes are defined by standards-aligned learning objectives
  • Lessons are divided into small learning units each with clearly defined objectives
  • Lessons may be customized by the teacher and individually assigned
  • Learning resources are relevant and appropriate instructional strategies employed
  • Each unit includes formative and summative assessments that measure the student’s entry level knowledge and developing progress
  • Students receive immediate feedback to act as reinforcement and motivation

Course Categories:

English Language Arts
Career Exploration
Physical Education
History & Social Sciences
CTE Pathways
Test Prep
Advanced Placement
Fine Arts
World Languages
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